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Our area of specialization revolves around business entity returns and individual tax filings entailing intricate complexities. Our expertise lies in managing tax returns that involve small businesses (including 1099 income), capital gains/losses from stocks or cryptocurrency, rental real estate, farm operations, farm rentals, and various other distinctive tax scenarios.

By entrusting us with your tax return, you can expect added value through our meticulous approach to maximize your deductions and minimize your taxable income. Our comprehensive understanding of the tax code enables us to navigate through extensive regulations, ensuring that you capitalize on all eligible deductions while optimizing your overall tax position.

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Tax Services

Tax Services

Individual Tax Preparation

We understand that navigating the intricacies of the tax code can be overwhelming, which is why our team of experienced tax professionals is here to alleviate your tax-related stress. With a meticulous approach and attention to detail, we ensure that every aspect of your tax return is handled accurately and in compliance with the latest regulations. Our tailored service is designed to maximize your deductions and credits, ultimately minimizing your tax liability. Through the use of AM TECH, our homegrown, one-of-a-kind software, we are dedicated to making the tax preparation process smooth and hassle-free for you.

Business Tax Preparation

As specialists in business taxation, we understand the unique challenges that entrepreneurs and businesses face when it comes to staying compliant and optimizing their tax strategies. Our team of seasoned tax professionals is well-versed in the ever-changing tax landscape and is committed to providing accurate and comprehensive tax services tailored specifically to your business. From organizing and analyzing your financial records to identifying valuable deductions and credits, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your tax savings. With our expertise by your side, you can rest assured that your business taxes are handled efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Non-Profit 990 Tax Preparation

Benefit from our extensive expertise in working with non-profit organizations, allowing us to proficiently manage the process of preparing Form 990. By entrusting us with the nitty-gritty aspects of tax preparation, you can confidently focus on your mission of making a positive impact. Our dedication extends beyond tax season, as we maintain consistent communication with your organization throughout the year. With our commitment to year-round engagement, tax day seamlessly becomes just another day, allowing you to concentrate on your altruistic endeavors. Let our specialized knowledge and unwavering support empower your organization to thrive while serving others.

Tax Strategy and Planning

We offer a range of customizable tax planning options to meet your unique needs and objectives. Our experienced team of tax professionals is here to guide you through the complexities of tax regulations and help you make informed decisions to optimize your tax position. Tax planning includes personalized attention, expert guidance, and meticulous analysis to help you achieve your financial goals. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional value by minimizing your tax liabilities, maximizing deductions and credits, and ensuring compliance with all applicable tax regulations. Take control of your financial future by selecting the tax planning option that aligns with your needs.

Quarterly Estimated Payments (QES)

Quarterly tax payments serve as a proactive strategy for managing your tax obligations throughout the year, particularly for individuals with variable income or those engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors. We prioritize educating our clients on the importance and methodology behind utilizing quarterly estimated

payments. It is crucial to note that our comprehensive annual returns encompass these payments where applicable, ensuring compliance and minimizing the risk of penalties.

Back Tax

If you find yourself behind on filing your taxes for multiple years, we understand the challenges and stress it can bring. Rest assured, we are here to provide assistance and support. We empathize with the overwhelming nature of catching up on multiple years of tax filings. Our dedicated team is experienced in handling such situations, and we are well-equipped to alleviate the burden from your shoulders. We will diligently work with you to ensure that all the required tax returns for those years are accurately prepared and filed, relieving you of the weight that has been pressing upon you. Count on us to navigate the complexities and bring your tax filings up to date, allowing you to move forward with peace of mind.


$100 Deposit due for new clients at the time of the new client meeting – Applied towards your return

Tax Planning

Tier #1: $200
Includes: One Meeting and Tax Projection
Perfect For: Everyone

Tier #2: $1,000
Includes: Two Meetings, Tax Projection, and Strategy Identification
Perfect For: Clients that have schedule A (itemize), C (Small business), D (Investment/Crypto), and E (Rental Real Estate)

Tier #3: $3,000
Includes: Three Meetings and aggressive strategy and execution
Perfect For: Clients with over $400K in W-2 income or over $70K in business income who are ready to make active investments in retirement, businesses, land, donations, etc.

Personal Tax Return Fees

$225 Single Filer Base
$275 Married Filing Joint Base
$200 Add Schedule C (small business)
$100 Add Schedule D/Investment Income
$100/rental Add Schedule E (rental real estate)
$50/entity Add Schedule E (flow through entities via K-1)
$100 Add Schedule F (Farm or farm rental)

States: State of residence, KS and MO free of charge.
All additional states are $50.

Quarterly Estimated Payment Preparation:

$200 -This is included in our returns. This is only billed separately for new clients needing this one off service.

Business Entity Tax Return Fees

Base $475
* More than 3 partners/members +$100
* Additional states $250/state
* Rental Real Estate Schedules (8825) +$100/schedule

* Assets:
$0 Adding/Disposing 1-5 new assets per year
$200 Adding/Disposing 6-20 new assets per year
$500 Adding/Disposing 20-50 new assets per year
$800 Adding/Disposing 50-100 new assets per year
$1,000 Adding/Disposing 100+ new assets per year

* Revenue:
$200 Gross Receipts $1-$100K
$400 Gross Receipts $100K-$250K
$600 Gross Receipts $250K-$500K
$800 Gross Receipts $500K-$750K
$1,000 Gross Receipts $750K-$1 million
$1,200 Gross Receipts $1 million-$1.5 Million
$1,500 Gross Receipts $1.5 million-$2 Million
$2,000 Gross Receipts $2 Million

Non-Profit Returns (990)

$475 EZ Base Fee
$1,000 Full Base Fee
+additional states $250/state
+Fundraiser Event (Part 2- Full Return Only) $400

$0 Adding/Disposing 1-5 new assets per year
$200 Adding/Disposing 6-20 new assets per year
$500 Adding/Disposing 20-50 new assets per year
$800 Adding/Disposing 50-100 new assets per year
$1,000 Adding/Disposing 100+ new assets per year

$200 Gross Receipts $1-$100K
$400 Gross Receipts $100K- $250K
$600 Gross Receipts $250K-$500K
$800 Gross Receipts $500K-$750K
$1,000 Gross Receipts $750K-$1 million
$1,200 Gross Receipts $1 million-$1.5 Million
$1,500 Gross Receipts $1.5 million-$2 Million
$2,000 Gross Receipts $2 Million

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment goes beyond the customary accountant-client relationship, wherein our involvement is not limited to tax seasons or mere document requests. Instead, we prioritize understanding you and your enterprise, allowing us to offer tailored assistance and guidance.

In contrast to the conventional and exclusive nature of the accounting industry, AM CPA embraces an inclusive and non-discriminatory approach to our services. We firmly believe in providing a welcoming environment for all clients, irrespective of their appearance, religious beliefs, racial background, or personal preferences. Unlike traditional firms that may inadvertently foster an atmosphere of intimidation, we foster an atmosphere where every question is respected and encouraged, recognizing the importance of a supportive and collaborative relationship with our clients.

At AM CPA, our commitment goes beyond tax season engagements. Opting for our comprehensive full-service options ensures regular communication, typically on a monthly basis, although we may proactively reach out more frequently. We prioritize consistent interaction and support to foster enduring partnerships, as we firmly believe that sustained engagement is key to mutual growth and achievement.

The main difference between an accountant and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) lies in their qualifications and the scope of services they can provide. While all CPAs are accountants, not all accountants are CPAs. The CPA designation signifies a higher level of qualification, specialized knowledge, and broader service offerings in the field of accounting.

We prioritize a collaborative relationship with our clients, and as such, we do not engage in charging our clients for every interaction. We perceive our clients as valued partners, with whom open lines of communication are essential. While more complex inquiries may incur charges due to the level of work involved, we encourage you to reach out to us via email, phone call, or live chat on our website for prompt and concise answers to straightforward questions without hesitation.

While we appreciate the presence of our clients, kindly note that our office operates on an appointment-only basis during designated office hours.

Clients who thrive with AM CPA are looking to establish enduring, long-term relationships founded on trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to progress. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance, recognizing that sustained partnerships yield the greatest value for all involved.

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