An Innovative Approach to Taxes.

AM CPA is so proud to introduce AM Tech! It is homegrown software built specifically for AM CPA clients and we worked directly with a local KC tech firm to make it happen.

We are focused on the client experience and enhancing it wherever possible. This was designed with you in mind!

We hear you and created a solution for exactly those pain points!

You will have one centralized location for your tax filing process and transparency on your return’s status with access to these documents year after year!

The tax return process can be cumbersome and confusing

  • You may not know where in the process you are or if we are still waiting on documents from.

  • You may not be sure which documents we need or what you have already provided.

  • You may be worried that you missed an important email from us and are stuck in return limbo.

  • You may even have trouble remembering where you saved last years’ return or how to pay those tax liabilities.


Schedule your tax meeting with your Accountant

(returning or new)


Track the status of your return with AM CPA

Know where you are at in the tax return process in real-time


Sign your Engagement Letter

Authorizes AM CPA to prepare your taxes


Displays a list of requested documentation

Everything we need for your tax return. Customized specifically for you


Access to your Quarterly Estimated Payments

(if applicable)


Sign your e-file authorization forms

Allows AM to electronically file your returns on your behalf


Pay your invoice

Electronically remit payment for our services


View your Tax Summary

A high level view of tax due or refunded


Links directly to the taxing agency payment site

(also has vouchers you can print)


View, Print, or Download your annual tax return

See the complete tax return with all applicable schedules and forms

More Information

Are you interested in how AM Tech can simplify your tax filing process?
Drop us a note and we’ll be sure to contact you and help answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment goes beyond the customary accountant-client relationship, wherein our involvement is not limited to tax seasons or mere document requests. Instead, we prioritize understanding you and your enterprise, allowing us to offer tailored assistance and guidance.

In contrast to the conventional and exclusive nature of the accounting industry, AM CPA embraces an inclusive and non-discriminatory approach to our services. We firmly believe in providing a welcoming environment for all clients, irrespective of their appearance, religious beliefs, racial background, or personal preferences. Unlike traditional firms that may inadvertently foster an atmosphere of intimidation, we foster an atmosphere where every question is respected and encouraged, recognizing the importance of a supportive and collaborative relationship with our clients.

At AM CPA, our commitment goes beyond tax season engagements. Opting for our comprehensive full-service options ensures regular communication, typically on a monthly basis, although we may proactively reach out more frequently. We prioritize consistent interaction and support to foster enduring partnerships, as we firmly believe that sustained engagement is key to mutual growth and achievement.

The main difference between an accountant and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) lies in their qualifications and the scope of services they can provide. While all CPAs are accountants, not all accountants are CPAs. The CPA designation signifies a higher level of qualification, specialized knowledge, and broader service offerings in the field of accounting.

We prioritize a collaborative relationship with our clients, and as such, we do not engage in charging our clients for every interaction. We perceive our clients as valued partners, with whom open lines of communication are essential. While more complex inquiries may incur charges due to the level of work involved, we encourage you to reach out to us via email, phone call, or live chat on our website for prompt and concise answers to straightforward questions without hesitation.

While we appreciate the presence of our clients, kindly note that our office operates on an appointment-only basis during designated office hours.

Clients who thrive with AM CPA are looking to establish enduring, long-term relationships founded on trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to progress. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance, recognizing that sustained partnerships yield the greatest value for all involved.

Your AM Tech contains all your personal tax documents. You can access it by clicking here. Then enter your user name and password.

To retrieve your AM Tech user information click here and select “Reset Password”.