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Small to mid-sized businesses is our sweet spot.
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We specialize in small to medium-sized businesses. We have a variety of services to offer and can be the Accountant in your corner whether you have an idea for a business or are running an enterprise. Contact us so we can determine the right fit for your accounting needs. Some of the services offered include:

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Our Packages

Our Packages

Business Registration/ Start Up Package

Have an idea for a business and don’t know where to start? Contact us and we can help you go from idea to business owner.

QuickBooks One on One

Ready to get your financials in order, but no idea how QuickBooks works or how to make it work for you? Contact us about a QuickBooks One on One where we can teach you to utilize it to its fullest potential and get your business organized.

Accounting Clean Up

Have you been looking for a new accountant/bookkeeper and got behind a few months…? or years? Rarely do accounting clients come on board completely caught up. We are experts at getting our clients up to date so that we can move forward with ease.

Accounting Solutions

Accounting Solutions

Full Service

We take care of your financials, so you don’t have to.
Monthly: Financial Statements are provided on a monthly basis and a monthly check-in with your Accountant.
Quarterly: Financial Statements are provided on a quarterly basis and a quarterly check-in with your Accountant.

Reconciliation and Review

You take care of the day to day and we take care of the period end.
Monthly: Financials are reconciled and reviewed, and financial statements are provided on a monthly basis. Quarterly check-in with your Accountant is included.
Quarterly: Financials are reconciled and reviewed, and financial statements are provided on a quarterly basis. A semi-annual check-in with your Accountant is included.

Add On Services

On-site Accounting
● Accounts Payable
● Accounts Receivable
● Payroll
● 1099s
● Sales Tax

Special Projects/Limited Time Engagement

Are you a seasonal business, hosting a special event, or producing a special project? We know it can be overwhelming to find support for your accounting needs on limited time projects.

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Luckily, we love them and have no problem with the timeline! We’d love to take care of the accounting, invoicing, 1099s, etc. for that project. We know how important that project is and will provide the same level of care that you do.


Temporary/Interim Staffing

Do you have an opening in your accounting department that needs filled while you find your long-term candidate? We are experts at stepping in and getting to work.

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We can determine what your immediate needs are and have staff working with you quickly. We can keep things moving while you find your long-term fit. Our staff are also super friendly and easy to work with, so you won’t have to stress about who you are sharing your office with either.


More Information

Are you interested in any of our Business Services? Drop us a note and we’ll
be sure to contact you and help answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

AM CPA is more than just an accounting firm. We’re a partner who is invested in your success. Unlike other accountants, you won’t just hear from us when it’s tax time or when we need a number or a form. We take the time to get to know you and your business, so we can help you and your company on the road to success.

We won’t just call you at tax time. If you select our full-service options, you can expect to hear from us once a month, but don’t be surprised if we check in with you more often. We believe relationships are the foundation for success, and you can’t build a relationship on a once-a-year phone call.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have a question that needs a 5-minute answer. We aren’t going to nickel and dime our clients for every contact we have with you. We view you as our partner, and partners have access to each other. Questions requiring more extensive work on our part may result in charges, but if you need a simple answer to a simple question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We provide personalized service based on our relationship with you. We promise to get to know you and to understand your business. We will always be on the lookout for ways to make the financial side of things easier and more efficient for you. We won’t hesitate to contact you if we encounter a solution that can help you.

Relationships are a two-way street. We’re looking for clients who want more than just an accountant. They want a partner, someone who can ease the burden of dealing with the financial side of things. We’re looking for long-term relationships with our clients.

While accountants and CPAs often do similar things, there is a difference between them. Certified public accountants must pass their state licensing exam to become a CPA. CPAs must also meet continuing education requirements each year, which means a CPA is always up to date on the latest topics and trends regarding accounting practices.

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