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Unlike traditional accounting firms in Kansas City, we are different.

Experience a much more relational approach!

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Definitely Highly recommend Allison!!! She listens to what you need and Definitely takes the stress out of any accounting needs/issues!

If you are looking for a CPA, I highly recommend Allison. She answered all our questions and made the tax filing process smooth and easy.

Allison Mott CPA, is excellent! Very professional, provides quick and accurate service, extremely friendly and easy to work with. She was able to explain things in detail that I did not understand. Highly recommended!

Organized, knowledgeable and responsive are the words that come to mind when thinking through working with Allison Mott CPA. Allison is very client centered and does a great job of listening and responding to her clients needs.

Allison took the time to get to know our business. Her insight and guidance gives us security in our most important decision making. As a small business, she understands how valuable our time is—always providing prompt and accurate work.

I needed help with my tax return for my family and the first official year of owning my own small business. Allison did a wonderful job and she was able to help us get more money on our return than I was expecting. I highly recommend her!

Allison has been absolutely wonderful. My husband and I have both had trouble with our taxes the last few years as we have switched to 1099 and she has been so helpful in getting us back on track and organized. We highly recommend Allison Mott CPA

Working with Allison was great! She was patient with me while I took some time to gather all of the necessary documents and then got back to me with lightning fast speed. Going through everything, she was very thorough in her work. Her explanations were great, and not just “do this, not this,” but she explained in detail why we wanted to make those choices. That is something that other accountants haven’t done. 11/10 would (and will!) work with again. Anyone looking for a young, energetic, professional CPA will be very happy they chose Ms. Mott. I know I’m glad I did!

Great experience working with Allison. I worked with her for nearly 3 years when she was a senior accountant at a non-profit. I was thrilled to continue working with her when she launched her CPA business. I appreciate her knowledge, experience, expertise and recommendations. We will be glad to see 2020 season finally end, but look forward to working with her for years to come!

Allison was extremely professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Having to navigate a world I know little about she was able to steer me in the right direction for my taxes and completed everything ahead of schedule. Definitely recommend working with their team!

The difference.


Trust your co-workers to accomplish their tasks. Delegate without worry and minimize
need for micro-management. No one is too important to own any task.


Maintain positive attitude with clients and staff. Choose kindness and understanding in all situations.

Inspired to Innovate

Solutions based problem solvers who are constantly searching for improved ways of
doing things while always staying current and relevant.

Break the Mold

Reinventing how the world see CPAs by proactively meeting our client’s needs. Daring to step into spaces where CPAs currently are not.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients get the best of both worlds: proactive communication and an accurate,
timely deliverable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AM CPA is more than just an accounting firm. We’re a partner who is invested in your success. Unlike other accountants, you won’t just hear from us when it’s tax time or when we need a number or a form. We take the time to get to know you and your business, so we can help you and your company on the road to success.

We won’t just call you at tax time. If you select our full-service options, you can expect to hear from us once a month, but don’t be surprised if we check in with you more often. We believe relationships are the foundation for success, and you can’t build a relationship on a once-a-year phone call.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have a question that needs a 5-minute answer. We aren’t going to nickel and dime our clients for every contact we have with you. We view you as our partner, and partners have access to each other. Questions requiring more extensive work on our part may result in charges, but if you need a simple answer to a simple question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We provide personalized service based on our relationship with you. We promise to get to know you and to understand your business. We will always be on the lookout for ways to make the financial side of things easier and more efficient for you. We won’t hesitate to contact you if we encounter a solution that can help you.

Relationships are a two-way street. We’re looking for clients who want more than just an accountant. They want a partner, someone who can ease the burden of dealing with the financial side of things. We’re looking for long-term relationships with our clients.

While accountants and CPAs often do similar things, there is a difference between them. Certified public accountants must pass their state licensing exam to become a CPA. CPAs must also meet continuing education requirements each year, which means a CPA is always up to date on the latest topics and trends regarding accounting practices.

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